Got Closure? Gotye – Somebody that I Used to Know

ImageI was going to feature this in a special Valentine’s Day Post in a couple of weeks. But I decided we all needed closure from the awful month that was January, which mercifully ends tomorrow.

January featured, amongst other awful things:

Boat’s capsizing, Etta James dying, an increased number of murder deaths, taking the Christmas decorations down, fraught breakups – all of it sucked.

So that’s why we need this song: for closure.

Obviously this song is largely about fraught breakup closure. All the questions, confusion, anger, sadness that such nasty things entail.

Well it’s over.

So you can sail that ex of yours out of your life, Kimbra-style on a little boat shaped like a Glockenspiel.


This song has been lodged in my brain, like a Viagara engorged willy in a cock-ring since some Radio DJ featured it whilst I was cruising for hotties and flipping the bird to the cops, following LFCs defeat of Man United. (Ed – TWOOOOOO ONEEEE, TWOOOOO ONE, TWOOOO ONE!)

And it turns out there’s a nice video which features:

1. A man

2. A Kimbra

3. Geometric shapes

There’s also a very good cover by some very poor (Ed – One guitar between five?!), yet good looking people. Just take a moment to appreciate the guy second from the right.


No need to thank me.