Starsmith – Lesson One

Before everything kicks off tomorrow, I’m going to listen to this song lots.

I heard it in Summer last year and it was as sultry now as it was then. Yesterday’s balmy weather clearly fooled my body into thinking summer was on it’s way. WE HAVE A WHILE TO GO YET PEOPLE.

Besides, it’s always nice to watch a video of an attractive man walking round Dover with a girl who’s face I cant remember/have any interest in. He lights a few cigarettes, brushes his teeth, goes fishing, climbs a few rocks, then traipses back to the tent to have mediocre sex with his unappreciative girl friend.

You know some guys are just like that.

The song however, is lurvely.

Oh and if Liverpool Football Club don’t win against Cardiff on Sunday, expect a lot of angry music next week. Just sayin’