MIA – ‘Bad Girls’

You know that moment when you board a crowded train and you’re not really sure where to stand? MIA makes me feel like that. My position on her is continually fluctuating between that decent spot leaning near the door and that awkward stance in the aisle next to someone’s seat.

I remember reading about her practically eons ago in either the NME or ID magazine (Ed – Oh god I bet you were WELL annoying at school). I remember hearing ‘Galang’ and thinking to myself “Hmm. This sounds rather good doesn’t it? I’ll probably give the album a listen, identify my favourite tracks and then play them constantly at house parties until I get told to put Kings of Leon back on”

Which is pretty much what happened.

By the time the second album ‘Kala’ came out I was in university and had the opportunity to go see MIA. It was in a small venue and it was full of the following:

– women

– discerning fags

– people who’s usual indie night had been cancelled. (Ed – “What do you mean I wont be able to dance to The Smiths tonight?!”)

It was a sweaty affair. One of my friends stormed the stage and managed to sniff MIA and told me that she smelt of jasmine, chemicals and feminism.

Then we got told that MIA wouldn’t be making any more music and would instead be concentrating on her art. I was disappointed.

THEN she did that ‘Born Free’ song which came with that video. Then that album.

And now in 2012 she does a duet with Madonna and flips the bird at a global audience of 523075304794074o million or whatever. She’s become that artist. She’s the over crowded train.

Still kind of like her though.

By dannycliffe

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